We are Hiring!

We are Hiring

We ​are ​looking for a ​motivated, ​reliable ​and passionate Barista – someone ​professional, ​who can ​have ​fun, ​take ​pride ​in ​their ​work ​and ​is ​ready ​to ​learn and ​grow. ​Most ​of ​all, ​we ​want ​our ​customers ​to ​have ​delicious, ​well ​presented ​coffee and food ​made with the utmost ​care, consistency, ​and ​quality.

The ​role ​of a Barista:

● It is preferred you ​will ​have minimum 2 years ​experience ​in ​high ​volume, ​order ​based ​service ​- ​preferably ​in specialty coffee

● You ​are able ​to ​clean ​as ​you ​go ​and ​remain ​calm ​and ​tidy ​during ​peak ​busyness

● You ​will ​have ​experience ​all ​service ​areas as in working the till, table service, working on the espresso machine

● You are open to be trained under our system

● You ​will have diligence ​and ​care ​in ​service and presentation

● You ​will ​report ​to ​the ​Owner ​and ​communicate ​regularly with​ team mates

● A strong sense of organisation and willingness to join our team in maintaining our systems and schedules

● Willingness ​to ​learn new styles of service and coffee

● Reliable, ​accountable ​and ​punctual

● Strong ​attention ​to ​detail and attentiveness

● Experience ​standards ​of ​cleanliness ​and ​hygiene

CAMON Coffee has:

● A focus ​on ​high-quality coffee and ​food

● Clean, ​efficient ​and ​process ​focused service

● ‘’Teamwork ​makes ​the ​dream ​work’’ style attitude

● Respect ​for ​the ​consistency ​our ​menu ​requires

● Respect ​for ​customers and their experience at CAMON Coffee

● Aware ​of ​and ​willing ​to ​represent ​the ​values ​of ​our ​team ​and ​company

● A diverse array of tasks to ensure there is always something new to learnof ​employment, ​working ​to ​learn ​the ​composition ​of ​menu ​items ​to ​keep ​servicestandards ​high ​and ​building ​knowledge ​within ​our ​team ​- ​and ​strengthening ​the ​coreknowledge ​of ​our ​production ​through ​prep ​tasks.

We ​Offer:

● Long-term ​employment

● A ​established team aspiring for a consistently positive ​team ​environment

● The chance to learn

● Stable ​and ​fair ​remuneration

● A  ​professional ​workplace

● Growth ​and ​management ​opportunities ​for ​candidates ​who ​prove ​their ​skills ​in ​thecourse ​of ​employment

Mandatory ​Requirements ​of ​Employment:

● minimum of 3 shifts a week including one weekend shift

  • A minimum of B1 level in German
  • Strong ​command ​of ​verbal ​English

● Minimum ​two ​years experience ​as a Barista in specialty coffee

Sounds like a good fit?

To apply, please send a C.V to info@camoncoffee.de with the subject line ‘’Barista Application’’’ and be sure to tell us why you want to work with us!Looking forward to hear from you!