CAMON Coffee Location
CAMON Coffee Location


CAMON Coffee

Located on the infamous Sonnenallee close to Hermannplatz, between Shawarma Eateries and Handy Shops you will find us – one of Neukölln’s very first speciality coffee shops.
Home to one of the highest percentages of immigrants in Berlin, Neukölln is a neighborhood in flux that’s rapidly growing. Brimming with hidden gems and dark corners alike, it’s a place where a number of students, artists, musicians, and young professionals converges with established blue-collar workers and families from over 160 countries.
CAMON was established with the goal to create a place for community, a friendly space – to enjoy life’s simple pleasures like coffee and home made food. Our concept and perspective is based on sharing and implementing the values of hospitality and specialty coffee: appreciation, sustainability, quality, cooperation, and most importantly, people.
It’s a work in progress and we are always learning and evolving. 
Have a seat on our curbside Terrace or go in for a little more quiet and enjoy our spacious and comfy inside seating.
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Camon Coffee
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Thursday – Friday

Saturday – Sunday

         9am – 4pm

        10am – 4pm